Dan Illouz
Dan IllouzArutz Sheva

MK Dan Illouz (Likud) has turned to foreign embassies in Israel and requested that they end their countries' funding of the leftist organization, "HaMoked - The Center for the Defense of the Individual," which helps terrorists and their family members.

In a letter to the ambassadors, Illouz wrote, "I take very seriously the use of foreign governments' money to support organizations which support terror."

"In a country which desires life, we must not allow a body such as HaMoked, which actively supports terrorists, to continue to exist on the basis of donations from foreign countries.

"I am sure and certain that our friends, which share the State of Israel's democratic values, will not knowingly lend a hand to Islamic terror and the radical ideologies which motivate it."

Gilad Ach, CEO of the Ad Kan organization, which exposed HaMoked's activities, said, "HaMoked - The Center for the Defense of the Individual serves as a moral and legal support for those who murder Jews, and it gives a tailwind to the most abominable of our enemies."

"We call on the Israeli government to focus on the security of the country's citizens and to see the pain of the bereaved families, to investigate the ties HaMoked - The Center for the Defense of the Individual has to terror organizations and to the Palestinian Authority, and to close this organization immediately."