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A. went to a friend's birthday party at a Tel Aviv restaurant - but landed in the hospital later that same evening, after a passing waitress spilled boiling water on her.

Speaking to Channel 12 News, A. said, "From behind me, a waitress appeared, with a very large cup of boiling water - and the cup slipped, and all of it spilled onto me. From that moment my life has changed completely."

At Ichilov Hospital, A. was diagnosed as suffering from first degree burns to her face, as well as damage to her neck, right hand, chest, and stomach. Even after treatment, A. continued to suffer pain and sensitivities.

Now, approximately one year later, she is suing the restaurant for a sum of up to 2.5 million shekel in damages. Attacking the restaurant's management, she said, "From the moment I was injured until today, no one from the restaurant's staff, including the owners, who were at the scene, has offered to help. Not me and not my husband and children. No one from the restaurant has contacted me, even after I was evacuated to the hospital, to check in and inquire about my welfare."

A. also said that when she was waiting to be evacuated, "I lifted my head for a moment to see what was happening around me and I noticed the restaurant owner sitting at the bar, indifferent, with his back to me, and not moving from his place in order to help or even just to express concern, as you would expect from any normal person and especially from the owner of a business such as this."