Boaz Bismuth
Boaz BismuthOlivier Fitoussi/Flash 90

Demonstrators against the government’s proposed judicial reform on Monday evening interrupted a speech by MK Boaz Bismuth (Likud) at a memorial service for the victims of the Holocaust which took place in a synagogue in Tel Aviv.

Footage from the event shows a number of protesters calling out “shame” at Bismuth. Some of those present stood up and called on the protesters to stop.

The protesters interrupted the beginning of Bismuth's speech and fearing violence, he had to leave the scene before he concluded his speech.

"I will not treat those who came here against me as enemies. We are brothers. We may not agree but we will not do to each other what has been done to us for many generations. It is legitimate that everyone has a different desire for Israel - but our fate is the same, certainly on an evening like this," said Bismuth.

"There were those who wanted Bismuth to stay and those who demanded that he leave and not finish his remarks," said Bismuth. "Some of those present went outside and some clashed inside the synagogue. It was really terrible. It just clouded this important day. Every year a different politician comes to speak, last year it was Ofir Akunis came and there were no such reactions. Israel is simply not the same as it was on the last Holocaust Remembrance Day. We can't put aside the differences even on a day like this."

The chairman of the National Unity Party, MK Benny Gantz, responded on Twitter to the incident and wrote, "As a son of Holocaust survivors, the photos of MK Bismuth being turned away from the Holocaust Day ceremony in a synagogue in the Jewish state are heartbreaking."

"I condemn this, and even though I understand the differences of opinion and distress that many in the nation feel, I ask everyone to show restraint on these holy days. We will hold the intense and important debates about our image with determination and strength after these days are over," said Gantz.