Chicken barbecue
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Ahead of Independence Day, the price of chickens in Israel has risen, and the prices of the most popular products have seen significant hikes since last year, Israel Hayom reported.

According to the report, in some cases the difference in price is due to sales which took place last year and which did not take place this year, and in other cases the difference is small.

Sources in the industry have said that the increase in the price of chicken is similar to the increase in the prices of other food products.

"In the chicken industry, for instance, there is a shortage, and the market is built off supply and demand. When the cost of purchase rises for the retailer, that translates into the price," a source told Israel Hayom.

The source added, "This is a problematic period for chicken, partly because Passover and Independence Day this year fell out parallel to Ramadan, and therefore there is a shortage of workers. There are slaughterhouses which worked part-time, and others which were closed."

Another source estimated that there will be a shortage by next week.