Heat wave (illustrative)
Heat wave (illustrative)iStock

Sunday's pleasant weather is not likely to continue through the week, forecasters say.

Monday's weather will be pleasant, with temperatures rising along the coastline, in the lowlands, and in the northern Negev, reaching above seasonal average.

Tuesday will see an additional rise in temperatures, and the weather will be hot and dry, especially in eastern and southern Israel.

Wednesday will be hot, dry, and hazy in most areas of Israel. The skies will be partly cloudy, and there may be light rainfall. During the evening, the wind will pick up, especially inland. A cold, wet front will enter the area, and the heat wave will gradually begin to break.

Thursday will be partly cloudy or clear. Temperatures will begin to drop, becoming slightly lower than seasonal average, especially in the mountains.

Friday will be partly cloudy or clear, with a slight rise in temperatures, which will be average for the season.