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It is a warning to conservatives everywhere: the rise of deconstructionist woke progressivism, amped by social media, threatens the future of democracy everywhere. The Israeli Left now is acting to circumvent free elections by trying to take down Benjamin (“Bibi”) Netanyahu’s popularly chosen majority government, just as the American Left acted to take down Donald Trump’s presidency.

In a way, it is like seeing “Hamilton” or “Les Miserables” on Broadway and then, two years later, seeing it again in Tel Aviv at the Cameri or Habima, only with a different cast and language but with the same songs, the same costumes and staging.

In Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu plays Donald Trump. Yair Lapid, the dangerous mediocrity who rose to be prime minister courtesy of the Religious Zionists from Givat Shmuel to Efrat who trusted Naftali Bennett, plays Nancy Pelosi. The Israeli Left plays Black Li[v]es Matter, closing down airports, violently assaulting members of parliament at their homes, aiming to destroy the country’s finances and credit rating. Israel’s TV news channels Kan 11, Keshet 12, and Reshet 13 play CNN, MSNBC, and another MSNBC. The Ha’aretz daily plays the New York Times (they wish). Maariv and Yediot Acharonot play the Washington Post and the L.A. Times (they wish).

And both countries’ productions are financed by Deep State Democrats, George Soros and Friends.

There are some differences. Instead of Hillary Clinton saying that Trump did not really win (“It was only because of the Electoral College”), Yair Lapid and his cohort say it of Bibi (“It was only because Michaeli was an egomaniacal moron and sold out Meretz.") Parallel to Democrats calling leading Republicans “fascists” and “Nazis,” the Israeli leftist opposition calls Netanyahu and his cabinet ministers Hitlers and Nazis.

It has a special “ring” when Israeli Leftists who burn their draft papers and Tel Aviv Woke Elites call Jewish patriots “Nazis.”

The day Trump won, the “Resistance” and Insurrection began. A massive “Women’s March” was held, and it banned half of America’s women, those on the right. Madonna spoke of blowing up the White House. The screwiest member of the Judd family read a sicko “poem” whose perversion fit the moment. Kathy Griffin held a bloodied decapitated head depicting Trump. A “Shakespeare in the Park” production presented an assassination of Julius Caesar with the target portrayed as Trump-like. Likewise, In America, the Chelsea Handlers announced they would move to Canada. (If only . . .).

In Israel, the mass protests against Netanyahu began right away using the judicial reform program as an excuse. Retired military vets tweeted they would kill him. Reservists refused to serve

In Israel, woke celebrities announced they would move to Germany. (Fitting.) A Lapid secularist anti-Likud hold-over as Israel's New York consul made headlines by condemning the government; he should have been fired the day the new government was elected, but at least his resignation was accepted, surprising him. Some tweeting social media actress — who, to begin with, never should have been named Israel’s Grand Poobah of World Public Relations to End Anti-Semitism Forever — condemned the judicial reform. She had five previous elections to run. Instead, she ran to America. Her screen credits: “The Affair,” “Nip/Tuck,” etc. I prefer waiting for the other Tishby.

The one moment of comedy saw Israeli High-Tech Woke Leftists, the parallel to America’s High-Tech Left, stampede to crash the Israeli economy by pulling millions of their dollars out of the country and depositing it elsewhere. The comedy? The Woke deposited their cash in Silicon Valley Bank. Idiots. Before long, they were begging Bibi Hitler and Bezalel Eichmann to please be their best friends and intervene to get their money back to Israel. Jerks.

Former Fed chief Ben Bernanke publicly warned Israel that, if they proceeded with their desperately needed reform of their corrupt extreme-left Supreme Court system, the country would face a serious economic downgrade. Only a few days after Bernanke warned Israel, Mooney’s dropped America’s credit rating as the SVB debacle unfolded. Israel's stayed intact except for the prediction part.

In both countries, the Leftist Media Mob instantly joined the fray, giving undue publicity to the Left opposition, beefing up demonstrations by giving them inordinate and sympathetic coverage and even advising viewers and readers of the time and place of each upcoming demonstration. It was the usual leftist pile-on: one-sided editorials, imbalanced discussion panels, opinions couched as dispassionate news. Dramatic announcements by TV news anchors that, “despite a career of dispassionate neutral reporting,” suddenly now they will take a stand — again.

In America, as Trump took office in January 2017, he soon was subjected to a multi-year investigation for a “Russian Conspiracy” that never happened. One Trump investigation after another, now even post-presidency with an indictment in New York that has opened a new era of American chaos. In Israel, crazy multi-year investigations aim at locking up Netanyahu for actions that never before were illegal in Israel. He received a gift of valuable cigars and champagne from an acquaintance; they want to lock him up for years. He negotiated political quid pro quos, classic political horse-trading that all politicians do, and they want to lock him up. When his relatives gave him family gifts to help him pay for his years of mounting legal defense expenses, the dictator of an Attorney-General and the extreme Leftist Supreme Kangaroo Court ruled he had to give the money back to his family.

And they say that Rav Meir Kahane was a threat to democracy? Or Menachem Begin?

In America, a wacko Attorney-General, Merrick Garland, publicly tagged parents as “domestic terrorists” for expressing concern that schools are trying to shove perverted transgenderism down their kids’ throats at age six. In Israel, a wacko Attorney-General barred Netanyahu from discussing the country’s most volatile political issue — reforming the corrupt Israeli Supreme Court system — and he therefore could not help mediate a fiery national debate over the way the Supreme Kangaroo Court has been corrupted since the mid-1990’s and needs to be restored to a proper institution of justice, with the kangaroos sent back to Australia. (Until the coalition passed a law preventing unseating a prime minister except for illness.)

And the Supreme Courts. In America, the Left loved the Supreme Court when it was in the hands of the extreme Left during the Earl Warren 1960’s and through the next half-century. Whatever the Democrats could not legislate through Congress, the Left brought before the Court and let them legislate it instead by fabricating laws that accorded with their feelings. Thus, for example, Roe v. Wade legalized abortion without any precedential or Constitutional basis. It just felt reasonable. In Israel, the same.

The Israeli Left cannot win elections anymore. Don’t believe the ridiculous polls that get published every day. There is an election, and the nationalist-religious alliance scores a 64-46 landslide Jewish victory, with ten seats on the side for Arabs dedicated to destroying Israel. Then the next day they publish polls saying yesterday’s election means nothing because the whole country changed their minds over a morning cup of turkish coffee and a serving of shakshuka. In America the polls predicted Hillary would win in 2016. She lost. Before the 2022 American mid-terms, the polls predicted a Republican landslide. Never happened.

There’s nothing quite like Israeli polls. When Gideon Sa’ar announced his new breakaway party, the polls gave him 18 seats; soon enough, he collapsed into Benny Gantz’s party to prevent missing the 3.25 threshold. Remember? Times of Israel: Polls Show Sa’ar at 15-18 Seats, Remaking Map and Possibly Unseating Netanyahu.” Haaretz: “Gideon Sa'ar's Party Would Be Second Largest in Knesset, Election Poll Shows.” More crack polls? Haaretz: “Party Headed by Ex-General Eisenkot Would Take 4 Seats from Netanyahu's Bloc.”Times of Israel: “Huldai’s New Party at 8-9 Seats, Siphoning Support from Lapid, Bennett.” Wrap it all together with this Biblical Quality Prophecy from Midgam on behalf of Keshet: “Poll: Gideon Sa'ar's New Hope Party Holding Strong At 19 Seats, Likud Drops To 28. A New Center-Left Party Headed By Ron Huldai & Featuring Ofer Shelah, Avi Nissenkorn, & Remnants Of Labor Could Win 7 Seats.Postscript: “Falling flat in polls, Ron Huldai drops out of Knesset race.”

Gimme a break.

The Israeli electorate has become solidly right wing and religion-friendly for decades, dating back half a century to Menachem Begin’s earth-shaking electoral stunner over Shimon Peres in 1977. Through the past four years, Israel conducted five national elections, and the Jewish right soundly defeated the Jewish left each time. However, neither side could claim an outright Knesset majority because three Arab parties dedicated to destroying Israel usually win just enough Arab votes to prevent either side from attaining 61 seats.

The most recent election finally broke the deadlock, and Bibi emerged with a coalition that has a solid conservative pro-religious Knesset majority. But the Left still owns the media and the unelected and perpetually self-selecting Supreme Court, key to Israel’s Leftist Deep State, that has been fabricating Leftist laws and issuing Leftist rulings for the past 30 years. Most recently, they allowed Lapid, a temporary caretaker, a shamash, to hand over to Lebanon and, thus, Hezbollah, Israeli territorial waters along with untapped natural gas resources explored and discovered by Israel. Lapid refused to present his give-away to the Knesset for approval by elected representatives. And the Court Kangaroos (including that Attorney General who told Bibi he could not talk about the judicial reforms) ruled that he could do it autocratically without getting Knesset consent.

In America, after half a century, the Supreme Court finally attained a conservative majority. Immediately, the Left wanted to pack the Court with six more Obama judges. In Israel, the Court cannot be packed, but that is unnecessary because the corrupt system gives the extreme Left justices determining control and veto power over who next gets to be a justice. So they keep it solidly Left, and they even have implemented Leftist cancel culture to prevent even a respected Leftist, the late Ruth Gavison, from becoming a justice because, even though she shared their ideology, she opined that the selection process should be opened up and be made more fair. So they kept her out.

This is the way of the Authoritarian Left. They preen and virtue-signal about loving democracy, but they make darn sure that, regardless of election rules and vote outcomes, conservative voters cannot enjoy the opportunity to have their elected representatives govern. Same in America. Same in Israel.

Adapted by the writer for Arutz Sheva from a version of this article that first appeared here in The American Spectator.

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