Benaya prays before his surgery
Benaya prays before his surgerycourtesy

The family of Benaya Peretz provided an update today (Sunday) on the complex surgery he underwent in a Bangkok hospital on Friday.

Peretz was seriously injured in a terrorist drive-by shooting at the Tapuah Junction in Samaria in May 2021, the same attack in which Yehuda Guetta was murdered.. Nearly two years later, he remains wheelchair-bound as a result of the spinal-cord injury he suffered in the attack.

His father, Ophir, updated Israel National News - Arutz Sheva that documentation from the hospital shows that there is movement in Benaya's legs and that electrical signals are reaching the nerves in his feet.

According to the father, the operation was successful, and has given the family hope that Benaya will be able to walk again.

"I believe that with G-d's help he will be able to get back on his feet," Ophir said. "Now, in his rehabilitation, they are teaching him to walk, like a small child, to strengthen his muscles so that he will be less dependent on the device.

The unique surgery in Thailand was performed by American doctors, and cost an estimated one million shekels. The rehabilitation is expected to cost about 2 million more. The family will remain in Bangkok during the rehabilitation period.

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