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The first flight carrying Israelis who were injured when a tour bus overturned in South Korea last week took off from Seol. Four people who were injured in the accident were on the flight.

In the coming days, 18 more Israelis whose condition is light enough to fly will be flown back to Israel.

14 people remain hospitalized, four of whom are in serious condition.

Hadera resident Margarita Schwartzberg, 60, was killed in the accident Thursday, when the bus carrying Israeli tourists overturned in the northern Chungcheong District in South Korea flipped over and crashed into a tree after taking a sharp turn. Over 30 people were injured in the crash.

The driver of the bus claimed that a mechanical failure in the bus prevented him from being able to change gears, resulting in the accident.

Israel's Foreign Ministry is working with local authorities to have Schwartzberg's body flown back to Israel for burial. "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Israel in Korea, in coordination with the insurance companies and the relevant authorities in South Korea, continue to accompany the injured from the accident and make sure that they receive the appropriate treatment, so that they can return to Israel as soon as possible," the Ministry said.