Aryeh King
Aryeh KingIsrael National News

The Israel Land Fund, a non-profit organization that purchases land in Israel from non-Jews for Jews, received an Email with anti-Semitic remarks and death threats to the organization's founder, Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Aryeh King.

The expletive-laden Email, shared with Israel National News, was written in poor English by an anonymous sender, referring to himself as "Adolf Hitler."

"You are [expletive] pigs!" the Email opens, "Tell Aryeh King that one day I will first [censored] and then kill them just like Adolf Hitler did in the gas chamber. And finish will killing Aryeh King."

The Email continues to praise Nazi atrocities, calling Hitler a hero.

The letter then returns to threatening the Deputy Mayor, saying that the only place he is safe is "Palestine" and that outside of the country, it's "open season." The Email adds that there is a 100,000 dollar bounty for King.

"I submitted a complaint to the Jerusalem Police," King told Israel National News, "I'm sure the police will get their hands on the one who sent the threats, who certainly is not happy with my work for the nation of Israel and the land of Israel."

King added: "I see myself as a messenger of the nation of Israel in our generation for future generations. Whoever threatens me thinks that maybe he'll stop my mission, and that won't be, the opposite is the case, such a severe threat only boosts my motivation, knowing that my way and my parters' ways are correct for the nation of Israel in Israel and abroad."