Netanyahu at Mimouna celebration
Netanyahu at Mimouna celebrationKobi Alkotser/GPO

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu participated this evening (Wednesday) in Mimouna celebrations in Hadera.

"This is a wonderful holiday in the tradition of Israel and of faith in Israel's future. I have enormous faith in our people's strength, in each and every one of them, and we bring it to the fore in the face of those who, in every generation, arise to attempt to destroy us. The Holy One, Blessed Be He, saves us from them with a little help from us, and when we are united, there is no force in this world that can defeat us," Netanyahu said.

He added: "We are fighting them even during these difficult days and we are fighting back against the Iranians, against Syria, against Lebanon, against Gaza. I have a deep faith in the enormous powers that lie in the people of Israel and I know that we will overcome all the differences between us because I know what price we have paid in throughout history when we were divided."

"I have complete faith in the future of Israel. I believe in the unity of Israel, in the future of Israel and in the eternity of Israel," concluded the Prime Minister.

Hadera Chief Rabbi Yisrael Biton called on Netanyahu not to give in to the pressure on him. He turned to the Prime Minister and told him that even if sometimes at night "a thought flickers in your heart, 'Maybe it's time for me to go home and retire, maybe it's time for me to get out of the blood field.' I came here to voice the answer to your thoughts."

According to him, this answer will serve as "a trumpet voice for hundreds of thousands across the country. I have come to convey to you the encouragement of millions of people of Israel. You don't need [to be prime minister], we need your wonderful leadership, your abilities, your skills, your connections."

The rabbi declared that "There has never arisen for the people of Israel such an exemlary, faithful and loyal leader as you. You carry a great mission for the people of Israel and we want you to continue with more strength and courage."