Public Diplomacy Minister Galit Distel Atbaryan on Monday published a new video which contains eight facts regarding the truth about recent happenings at Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

“Amid the security tensions and ahead of the last Friday of Ramadan, I established a special team designed to refute the false narrative of the Palestinians in the world,” she tweeted.

“Thank you very much to the team that worked during the day. Additional videos will be published later. Share the truth,” added Distel Atbaryan.

Clashes erupted several times at the mosque last week, when police forces entered Al-Aqsa Mosque after worshipers barricaded themselves inside and refused to leave.

The video shared by Distel Atbaryan notes that Israel grants full access to the mosque to all Muslims, and also points out that the recent riots were planned in advance by Palestinian Arab terrorists with the aim of inciting violence and unrest.

The rioters who barricaded themselves in the mosque planned to harm worshipers and shot fireworks at police forces who were forced to evacuate them, the video notes.

“Israel is committed to religious freedom and tolerance for all religions, and to the status quo in Jerusalem. The real threat to Al-Aqsa comes from Palestinian incitement fueled by terrorists who are using the mosque as a platform for distributing fake agendas that lead to violence,” it concludes.

In addition to the English version, an Arabic version of the video has been distributed as well.