Vaad Ha'ir D'Montreal
Vaad Ha'ir D'MontrealVaad Ha'ir D'Montreal

R' Saul Emanuel, Executive Director of Jewish Community Council, Vaad Ha'ir D'Montreal makes an urgent public appeal >>>>


Like Jews all over the world, Montreal's Jewish community was all ready for Pesach on Wednesday. Houses were scrubbed and shining, Seder tables were set, and food was simmering on the stove. And then, for thousands of Montrealers, the lights went out. An ice storm had caused a blackout, but everyone was sure it would only be a couple of hours until the lights went back on. After all, you can't make a Seder in the dark! Right?

Five hours later, people weren't so sure. They lit candles, put extra sweaters on the kids, and began their Seders in darkness. The lights would surely come on soon, they hoped. But that's not what happened. By the time the three-day Yom Tov was over, hundreds of families were STILL in the dark.


Many of them are low-income families who stretched their last pennies to make Yom Tov. They stocked up on months of perishables like chicken which they received from community distributions or organizations like Chasdei Lev. Now, all that food is spoiled after three days in warm freezers. All perishables have to be re-purchased, and families who stretched every last penny to make Pesach once simply cannot do it all over again a week later. They need your help!

The JCC of Montreal is collecting money to help the neediest of these families re-make Pesach. Three independent Gabbai Tzedaka in Montreal will be trusted to distribute the funds to those who need it most.

Will you return Simchas Yom Tov to these Montrealers? Please donate generously - they're counting on you!