MK Dan Illouz (Likud) was interviewed by CNN's Becky Anderson on the 'Connect the World' program on the recent violence between Israel and Arab terrorists over the Passover holiday, which has seen multiple civilians murdered, dozens of rockets fired at Israel from Gaza and Lebanon, and clashes between police and Muslim rioters on the Temple Mount.

Illouz corrected CNN's reports that Israeli police have "stormed" the Al Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in recent days. First of all, we didn't storm into Al-Aqsa. We were responding to violence against Israeli police and they forced our hands. We have a small minority of worshipers that go to Al-Aqsa who ended up hurting the big majority of Muslim worshippers who want to actually go."

Addressing the recent rocket and terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens, he said: "We will not surrender our rights to defend ourselves. No country can surrender its right to defend itself. And when we respond to attacks, we don't do it out of a sense of revenge. But we do it because we understand that if we don't respond to attacks forcefully, then these attacks will just become more and more attacks against Israelis. And they have to say, attacks against Israeli that are happening right now from Lebanon or from Gaza."

"They're attacking Israeli civilians, not only do they not differentiate between civilians and military, they're targeting civilians. This is the clearest [violation of] international law. And it's something that the whole free world should go against. And I hope that this is what will happen," he said.