"ACT NEWS", an online English-language news channel, has gone live recently. The channel will produce content in English on recent topics, starting with political issues, culture, sports, hi-tech and more. The channel will include interviews with influencers on relevant topics.

The channel's slogan is: "WE TOK – YOU ACT."

The goal of the channel is to be an accessible and clear information and advocacy tool for news followers around the world, with an emphasis on young viewers, to broadcast positive international news with a focus on Israel, and to encourage activism and involvement in current issues.

The channel was established by strategic consultant Moshe Klughaft and journalist Miri Michaeli. It is completely private and was established with private investments. The news broadcasts are led by Miri Michaeli and with the participation of other media persons.

One of the founders of "ACT NEWS" stated: "Social networks are the place where the young people of the world formulate a position, and the goal is not to talk to them - but to talk with them. In the world of fake news - knowing the facts as they are can be a wonderful start to getting to know Israel better."