Herzi Halevi
Herzi HaleviIDF spokesman

Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi pointed out that Israel can - and is ready for - a pre-emptive strike on Iran even without US assistance.

First, Halevi addressed the security situation, telling Galei Tzahal: "The first two weeks of Ramadan passed relatively quietly - that changed tonight. The events on the Temple Mount raised tensions both in Gaza and Judea and Samaria. The IDF targeted the terrorist organizations [in tonight's raids]. Rocket fire toward Israel will be met with a significant response."

"What has really been keeping me awake for the last few days," said the Chief of Staff, "is the connection between Israel's security and the social situation in the country."

He clarified that: "we are ready to take action against Iran. The IDF has the capacity to strike in far-off lands as well as close to home. In the coming years, the IDF will greatly strengthen its capabilities for a [pre-emptive strike on Iran] and despite the distance, such a strike will be overwhelming."

Regarding the Biden administration's recent criticism of Israel, he said that, "Israel is capable of handling any security challenge, but it is good to have the United States at our side. We know how to act alone. We are a sovereign nation that reserves the right to make decisions on its own. It would be good to have the US by our side - but not a must," he emphasized.

Regarding soldiers refusing to appear for reserve duty due to their disagreement with the government's plans to impose judicial reforms, he said: "They need to show up unconditionally to any task they are called for. The majority of soldiers are reserve units and we need them to show up whenever asked upon."