Scene of the crash
Scene of the crashMDA

One person was killed Tuesday morning when a helicopter crashed in central Israel.

The helicopter crashed into an open field near the Kiryat HaSharon neighborhood of Netanya, leaving one man critically injured.

Emergency first responders from MDA were dispatched to the scene to treat the victim, but were forced to declare his death.

"When we arrived there, we saw a crashed helicopter which had broken up in an open agricultural field," said MDA paramedics Valdislav Sokol and Yarden Dahari. "We pulled a man roughly 50 years of age from the helicopter while he was unconscious and suffering serious multi-system injuries. We performing medical examinations on him, but he had no vital signs and we were forced to declare him dead at the scene."

Authorities say the aircraft was a civilian helicopter which took off from an airfield in Herzliya. The helicopter did not catch on fire after crashing.