The Iranian paper's caricature
The Iranian paper's caricatureJavan

Israel may from time to time appear to present a modicum of internal destabilization, as it exercises its shomer responsibility to ensure its territory and peoples’ permanence in a hostile, if not dangerous world. As the only Jewish state on the planet, this is as it should be.

Evil daily tests Israel’s resolve to face up to an ever increasing danger zone gradually encompassing it. This is led by Iran and its oft repeated objective of “Death to Israel;” while its proxy, Hamas’ charter calls for a comparable existential threat to Jews. Meanwhile, Palestinian Authority leader, Mahmoud Abbas publicly challenges Israel’s day to day viability with its obscene, ever present, “Pay to Slay” program; and UNRWA prepares subsequent generations of Palestinian Arab children to loath anything or anyone favoring perpetuation of the Jewish presence within the latter’s historically recognized Middle East, indigenous Jewish homeland. It has been alleged UNRWA may by virtue of their hate-inspired education motivate children to pursue martyrdom to accomplish the racist goal of eliminating Jews.

American President Biden and his administration present as favoring Palestinian Arabs through repeated gifts of millions of unconditioned dollars, giving an impression of encouraging them to do whatever they want with the money, even in the presence of them purported to initiate deadly attacks targeting their neighbor Israel’s citizenry; to eventually force them out and replace them with Arabs.

All of this in the presence of incessant repetition of the latter’s propaganda and efforts to erase evidence and proof of any Jewish Middle East historical attachments. The results sadly serve to further encourage hate and derision towards Israel and its Jewish citizenry.

Within these egregious circumstances, and political issues, it is imperative that world Jewry keep in the back of their minds at all times that prior to 1948 no nation offered to open their doors to rescue our threatened extended Jewish family during our Holocaust era which cost us 6 million irreplaceable Jewish lives. None shed a tear then for our losses and none would likely do so now in the face of current comparable threats to our Jewish existence.

Let’s see - who could be counted upon to assist Israel in a real pinch nowadays? My answer is nobody. Our history reminds us that we cannot count on anyone, but ourselves and our faith to sustain us and that is not going to change anytime soon.

In the face of endless world-supported criticisms and harsh threats, both internal and external, and with Israel’s current government exploring different options within Judicial Reform while opponents demonstrate in the streets and attempt to close down the country, too many Jews appear understandably perplexed and frightened. Some question an accompanying decline in morality and democracy, while most hope that any resultant reforms won’t tip the scale at the end of the day to destabilize our Jewish children’s future. This reasonable goal demands responsible leadership and inclusion of Israel’s mixed multitude to bring us together.

Although not an equal comparison, but still capable of providing a glimmer of insight, the United States went through a similar challenging period during the American Civil War, when President Lincoln had to impose Martial Law for an extended period, from September 24, 1862 – August 20, 1866 (4 years)...(while) declaring martial law over a particular area/ population,... Proclamation 94 applied martial law to “all rebels and insurgents, their aiders and abettors, within the United States, and all persons discouraging volunteer enlistments, resisting militia draft or guilty of any disloyal practice affording aid and comfort to rebels against the authority of the United States.”

The U.S. survived its time of challenge and subsequently thrived and so will Israel, employing practical common sense, combined with a strong sense of Justice.

Perhaps it is best that clear heads prevail by first taking a step back from the fray; then taking in a deep breath while reminding ourselves of our Middle East original Jewish State’s raison d’etre and then incorporating such within the plan to perpetuate our two thousand year-old dream of returning and thriving in our tiny ancestral homeland and refuge- all the while dismissing the barrage of disparaging manufactured, baseless hurtful labels of “Apartheid, ethnic cleansers, colonizers, etc.; cast upon us by angry, frustrated uninformed people. To this scenario, my mother Sandra Portnoy, of Blessed Memory would tell me: “Consider the source and move on.”

Meanwhile, we look forward to the recitation of our peoples’ Passover service retelling our amazing escape from slavery to freedom to living in “our promised land,” as an example to ourselves and to other oppressed peoples to benefit from.

Yet, remembering the prophetic warning; lest we forget/dismiss our tenuous history: “In every generation, one shall rise to destroy us.”

Bruce Portnoyis author of the Geo-political thriller novel, First the ‘Saturday People’, and then the…; and a contributor to Israel National News/ Arutz Sheva; Jerusalem Post and other respected media services