It was very exciting to host in the studio today Captain Eli Rowe and Dr. Avishai Neuman of Hatzolah Air.

Hatzolah Air is a non-profit provider of emergency medical air transport with more than 200 volunteer flight physicians, paramedics, EMTs, dispatchers, and case managers available 24/7 to provide assistance and intervention in urgent and emergent situations. When traditional ambulance transport is not an option, Hatzolah Air is ready to fly to where needed and when needed. Hatzolah was founded in 1969 with one individual buying one oxygen tank with a simple goal: to help community members in need. Hatzolah has since spread across the US and the world and today has chapters in every Jewish city in the Americas, Europe, Israel, and even Australia and South Africa.

In September 2019, Hatzolah Air, the global aviation division of Hatzolah, flew its first mission. This was made possible by a dedicated team of aviation, medical, and business leaders who, together with a handful of philanthropists, built Hatzolah Air. These leaders saw the need for urgent, emergent, and compassionate air transport that would complement and support the global network of Hatzolah Ambulance chapters and stepped up to fill the void.

Before Hatzolah Air was launched, the only options available to patients in need of medical air transport were either to find a generous philanthropist with an available aircraft or to turn to for-profit, private air ambulance operators, who charge fees that are outside the reach of many patients. Hatzolah Air services are always provided free of charge.

I was lucky to catch this amazing team here in Israel. They had come for 24 hours on a mission and so they hopped over to the studio to share their excitement and story with all of us. Two young men who are so devoted and driven to what they do.

Captain Eli Rowe, who flies one of the Hatzolah airplanes when he can, together with his team has managed to save so many people who desperately needed their help.

These people have incredible stories of faith and dedication from so many volunteers who work together and give their time and their heart to provide the best service possible.