Yossi Dagan presents David Stern with Certificate of Appreciation
Yossi Dagan presents David Stern with Certificate of AppreciationSamaria Regional Council

During an event attended by the leaders of the Samaria settlements, the head of the Samaria Regional Council, Yossi Dagan, surprised David Stern and presented him with a certificate of appreciation for the resourcefulness he showed when a terrorist fired from point-blank range at the vehicle he and his wife, Rachel, were traveling in the village of Huwara on their way to Jerusalem.

David, wounded by a bullet in the head and hand, pulled out his weapon, and in this difficult situation, shot and wounded the terrorist. They were joined by another officer who also shot and wounded him. After a while, the IDF managed to catch the terrorist. David saved his wife's life and the lives of passengers in others vehicles that arrived at the scene after the shooting.

The certificate awarded to David reads: "A commendation is hereby awarded to the hero of Israel, David Stern, for his courage and fortitude during a shooting attack in Huwara on the 26th of Adar, March 19, for demonstrating exemplary citizenship, acting with composure, striving for contact, readiness for battle, professionalism and determination in the face of the terrorist, for showing remarkable self-sacrifice in the defense of Samaria and the entire State of Israel. May God be with you, Hero of the Army."

"First of all, we thank God for the great miracle," said the head of the Samaria Council, Dagan. "When you woke up in the hospital, I told you, 'You are the hero of Israel,' and everyone knows that, and so does David's wife, Rachel, a heroic woman. I was with her in the tensest moments. She is alive, a heroic woman full of faith, full of strength and fortitude."

During the awarding of the certificate, the Samaria Area commander, Lt. Col. Yonadav Cohen, said: "You taught us, the army and civilians, to strive for contact, to be calm, to protect your wife, and for that, I say more power to you." To the residents' leadership, he said: "The resilience of the residents, and their endurance over the years and throughout all the events that have happened here, gives us strength and the wind in our sails."