Avichai Boaron with PM Netanyahu
Avichai Boaron with PM NetanyahuCourtesy

Over 70 heads of Likud party branches and organizations have published their call to the ministers and Knesset members of their party, demanding that the government's judicial reform program not be halted and that everything necessary be done to ensure that the Knesset passes the legislation included within it. 350 members of the Likud party's Central Committee also signed the letter, along with around 2,000 party activists.

"We, members and activists of the movement, heads of branches and organizations, are calling on you to do your utmost, to the very limits of your ability, to ensure that the reform passes and that the Israeli people finally gets a nationally-minded government that can lead the country according to the wishes of the voters," they wrote.

"For many long years, the Likud has been in power and yet has not been able to lead the country in the direction of the Likud movement or of the national camp," the letter continues. "It is this situation that the reforms come to amend, this ridiculous situation, in which a majority of the country and a majority of voters make decisions and the Supreme Court and its lackeys invalidate them - and we must put an end to this, and cease resigning ourselves to it.

"You as our emissaries must do everything necessary in order to restore the rule of the people and to bring about genuine democracy in the State of Israel. In light of this, we will regard anyone who takes action designed to halt the legislation or who does not vote in favor of it in the coming days, as dealing a grave blow to the trust we placed in him, and we will not be able to continue to support such a person in the future."

The letter is the initiative of Avichai Boaron, head of the "Zion and Jerusalem" forum within the Likud party, and the head of the "National Jewish" group of the Likud, Shlomo Feig. "Likud voters together with the entire national camp went to the polling stations just a few months ago, and one of the goals we stated most clearly and openly was comprehensive reform of the judicial system," they said. "Halting the legislation would seriously damage the accountability of the Likud party to its voters as well as the party's entire raison d'etre and its values.

"We wish to strengthen the hand of Justice Minister Yariv Levin and are calling on the other government ministers and Knesset members of the Likud to complete the passage of the legislation. This ridiculous situation in which the judiciary is ruling the country should have been stopped long ago, and since it has not been done yet, it must be done now."