The Torat Lehima organization released a video in which it states that the government's planned judicial reforms are necessary for the IDF to function properly in protecting Israelis from terrorist organizations.

In the video, the organization cited numerous cases in which the Supreme Court has interfered in the operations of the IDF and prevented the military from taking action which could have saved lives, such as demolishing the homes of terrorists who committed massacres.

In particular, the organization noted the court's intervention in preventing the demolition of 20 buildings used by terrorists to shoot at Israeli vehicles on a nearby road in Gaza. Those structures were later used in the murder of Tali Hatuel and her four daughters, ages 2-11, in 2004. Hatuel, who was eight months pregnant, was shot in her stomach to kill her unborn child as well.

"The only way to return the IDF to its glory days is by restraining the Supreme Court and returning the justice system to the people and to those who support the soldiers, not the terrorists," the Torat Lehima organization stated.