IDF Intelligence soldiers
IDF Intelligence soldiersIDF Spokesperson

A soldier from the IDF Intelligence Division was convicted today (Thursday) of the crimes of disclosing information and exceeding authority to the point of endangering the security of the state and the crime of inappropriate behavior for disclosing classified information to which he was exposed due to his role in the intelligence system.

The indictment against the soldier was filed by the military prosecution after a joint investigation by the IDF, the Israel Police and the ISA.

According to the indictment, the accused shared with others a number of classified information, the disclosure of which could have resulted in a security risk, and while he was aware that the information might be published to the general public. Individual pieces of information from those that the defendant passed on to others were later published online by another person. In a small number of cases, the publication caused damage to the security of the state.

At the end of a lengthy mediation process before the president of the military court, agreements were reached between the parties according to which the defendant will be sentenced to 27 months in prison, as well as an additional sentence that is conditionally suspended. The plea agreement was approved today by the military court. Other details of the case remain classified.

At the beginning of the investigation, several civilians who were involved were arrested. Indictments against them were submitted to the District Court in Lod and the District Court in Be'er Sheva, and they were released to house arrest. Their trial has not yet begun. As part of the plea agreement, the individual circumstances of the case, the potential for damage, and levels of punishment in similar cases were taken into account.