Speaking to Israel National News from the new Chabad Center in Bangkok, Thailand, Rabbi Nechemia Wilhelm of Chabad of Bangkok explains that the opening of the new building is very exciting after years of hard work.

“After so many years in Thailand, finally we have our own place, a place for the Jewish people where everybody can come here and make himself at home,” Rabbi Wilhelm says. “We’re trying to give the best feeling and there is the best feeling in this new building.”

His message to Jews around the world coming to Thailand: “When you come here and you see people from all kinds of backgrounds sitting together, having Shabbat together or even a meal in the restaurant, you understand that Jewish people are united, not like it sounds from the outside. Jewish people are united and we need to continue it when we go back to Israel, to know that we are together, nothing is going too separate us.”

He adds: “We will be together and this is our power.”

He explains that this is exactly what the Rebbe asked the Jewish people to do.

“This is the the reason the Rebbe sent us to unite Jews, this is the way to bring the geulah [redemption].”

Rabbi Wilhelm talks about the Passover preparations that are underway at the Chabad Center.

“Every year in Thailand we used to have about 5,000 guests. Now after covid, we have much more. We’re planning for 8,000 to 10,000 Jews that will attend our seders in Bangkok [and six other Thai cities],” he says.

“There’s a big excitement and we’re getting ready to host every Jew that will come to Thailand.”