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Something about it feels like the 1960s, USA…the age of turbulence.

I would even suggest that the Israeli throngs disturbing the peace through sit-ins, traffic disruptions and threats to destroy the System are the children and grandchildren of the Youth Culture that prevailed in America throughout a decade of rebelliousness and discontent…all of it staged to dismantle the Establishment.

In a word, Netanyahu. More words? Bezalel Smotrich. Itamar Ben-Gvir.

They will hold the entire country hostage if they don’t get their way, as these Leftists in Israel are doing, even as we write.

Shades of America during the worst of times…assassinations of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis, the Berlin Wall, Kent State, unrest on every campus, Charles Manson, the riotous Democratic Convention, Chicago, 1968, and every day, Vietnam.

Do you remember the 1960s? I was there, I saw it, I wrote a book about it – The Days of the Bitter End.

Thus…” Law and Order was being denounced as reactionary. Militancy was in the air, revolution was in the wind.”

The country had taken up sides. There was no middle.

“You were hip or you were square. You were radical or you were Establishment.”

In this place and in those days, far-out as they were, they were rebels with a cause, fervently, sometimes violently, against the Vietnam War.

Americans were coming home in “body bags.”

Extreme as they were, these 60s rebels, they had a point

Today, in Israel, what’s the tumult? What is the point? Life or death? No. War or peace? No. So what’s the big deal?

The complaint is about judicial reform. Or so they say.

But we saw it, and still see it, differently, through a column we wrote back on February 15, titled, “It’s not about judicial reform, stupid.”

It was, and is, about Lapid or Netanyahu. To be exact, Lapid lost. Netanyahu did the unthinkable. He won, and so the tirade.

The Left lost, so this means war. They do not forget. They do not forgive.

It is the way of the world. Certainly so in the United States and Israel.

Weeks ago, for instance, Somalia’s gift to America, Ilhan Omar was dumped from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

That made sense, given her views on Israel and on everything else that touches on American security.

Her sisters in the House, AOC and Rashida Tlaib went off on an oratory rampage because one of their kind did not get her way.

Days ago, Republican members of the House met in Texas to discuss ways and means to curb the flow of illegal migrants.

Why no Democrats? They desire those people who are changing the demographics of America.

So they stayed home in a snit.

Brats in either country, when they don’t get their candy.

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