Edelstein speaks to opponents of the judicial reform
Edelstein speaks to opponents of the judicial reformCourtesy

The chairman of the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, MK Yuli Edelstein (Likud), on Thursday evening began holding meetings with the opponents of the judicial reform in order to increase the discourse and try to bring about a compromise.

"I started a personal project this evening. It will not bring me votes in the primaries and there are no Likud members or Likud voters. Quite the opposite. I met with the side that thinks differently, the one that has concerns," said Edelstein.

He added, "Our nation is strong and inspiring, but it is at a crossroads and although a vast majority of the nation thinks there is a place and a real need for changes in the judicial system - there is fear and apprehension."

"I have taken it upon myself and I am calling on all my friends, members of the Knesset to join this initiative - go out into the field and talk to the other side," stated Edelstein.

"Those who are convinced do not need to be convinced, although it is nice to receive compliments and hugs. Going to the other side, sitting with it and yes - hearing difficult claims - this is what needs to be done now. This discourse allayed concerns and brought the wonderful group of young people who came tonight to hear and express themselves a little closer. They listened to me, I listened to them and together we got closer to our common denominator," he continued.

"With proper advocacy and real discourse - we will pass this reform together," Edelstein concluded.

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