Hundreds of anti-government protesters arrived in the haredi city of Bnei Brak on Thursday morning, heading to a number of locations.

A large number of protesters set up a mock recruiting office; others attempted to reach the street where MK Moshe Gafni, one of the heads of the United Torah Judaism party, lives, but police prevented them from doing so.

Protesters also headed to the municipality building where they blocked the entrance with barbed wire. Police later removed them.

"We have come to transfer the burden of conscription to the haredi population, because if there is a dictatorship here, we will have to come here to conscript soldiers," protesters announced. "We repeat that without democracy there is no people's army."

Haredim and haredi MKs are increasingly being targeted by those opposing the government's judicial reform program, as the Supreme Court's repeated invalidations of Draft Laws anchoring haredi yeshiva students' deferrals from military service, proposed by countless past governments, are often cited when describing the necessity for an Override Clause.

On Tuesday, police did allow protesters to stage a demonstration near MK Gafni's home. Some arrived equipped with LGBT "rainbow" flags; another brandished a mock Ten Commandments with the text altered to reflect their agenda. Hundreds of counter-protesters arrived and were kept apart from the left-wingers by police. However, the event descended into chaos after police alleged that one haredi counter-protester had used pepper spray against a police officer, leading to police forcibly dispersing the haredim present.