President Isaac Herzog
President Isaac HerzogArie Leib Abrams/Flash90

Legal experts from both sides who joined together in herculean efforts tocome up with workable reasonable compromise proposals discovered tonightthat President Herzog was playing them for foolish pawns.

This evening President Herzog proposed:

#1. To turn the legal counsel into the dictator in each ministry by establishing that their interpretation of the law is binding. So if the legal counsel say "you cannot do X because I think it violates the law" it
does not matter if a thousand other lawyers think it does not.

#2. To enable a simple majority of the Supreme Court to force the Knesset to revise laws it doesn't like.

#3 To strip the ruling coalition of the possibility of appointing truly conservative judges to the Supreme Court by giving 4 seats on the committee to the ruling coalition, 5 to the Supreme Court judges and the opposition MKs and 2 to people who must be approved by the head of the Supreme Court.

There's much more.

President Herzog's proposal is a dead letter as it would leave us in a worse legal situation than the one we have today. And yes, that the President is not a neutral peace maker, he has totally given in to the left.

This time it looks like we should give a victory to the "the ends justify the means" school.

Yes, its not democratic that a group of people can close off our roads and set a torch to our economy in order to impose their will.

And yes, I recognize that now that the left has seen how effective threatening the destruction of the country is as a weapon they will most certainly be tempted to use it again.

But in this Judgment of Solomon we, as the ones who do not want our Jewish State torn asunder, may be better off dropping judicial reform for now than continuing the process.

There are a lot of lessons to be learned.

And a lot of developments on the ground that may be needed before this weapon is neutralized.

There's a concern that national camp parties will take a bashing in the next elections if we stand down on judicial reform.

But the next elections are years away from now.

And there are so many other things going on that by the time we go to the polls there will be a multitude of other concerns as well as other opportunities to deliver tangible achievements to the constituents.