Biological terror in Iran
Biological terror in IranEfran Fard

In Iran, alarmingly, the second Auschwitz is at work, done by the hands of regime thugs and the criminal mullahs. All the world is still reeling from hearing the news.

It goes without saying that the crime sent shock waves through the country itself. A week after the initial dismissal by Iran’s theocracy, Iran rattled over the poisoning, which had noxious fumes wafting into girls' classrooms. Sluggishly, officials began taking the claims and multiple stories seriously.

Mullah terror entity stormtroopers brutally attacked the Iranian mothers of poisoned schoolgirls. The Iranian schools gassing is a form of biological attack on girls and the world is watching. These serial biochemical attacks in the homeland are carried out by religious extremists and followers of Khomeinism.

The facts: Since November, hundreds of mostly female students, across the country, were seriously poisoned in different cities, leading to the death of numerous innocent students. As well, hundreds of unconscious students were hospitalized horrifically. They are fighting for life and experiencing significant health issues.

Since the emergence of the terrorist mullah’s regime in Iran on 1979, the thugs of IRGC and MOIS have threatened all opponents to have their brains blown out.

These days, under the license of Shi'ite mullahs, a different crime against humanity is in progress. Some radical thugs are deliberately attempting to target and shut down girls’ schools. The number of such horrendous incidents has picked up precipitously.

The fact of the matter is that there is growing alarm in Iran. This tragedy and abhorrent act are worse than similar ones among terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda, Boko haram, ISIS, Al-Shabaab and so on.

Now, in the terrorist regime, hundreds of schoolgirls fall sick in Iran with respiratory, cardiac issues, dizziness and fatigue, and neurological symptoms.

Terrifyingly, the wave of ‘deliberate’ new gas poisoning of schoolgirls is another side of vitrolage [ an acid attack, vitriol attack] in Iran. The Khomeinist mullahs know the attackers of these incidents well, but they are refusing to admit it. None of the cowardly groups has claimed responsibility for these terrorist attacks so far.

It is significant that this chaotic and psychological chain poisoning attack has malicious intent behind it because of specific goals. The poison attacks at more than 30 schools across the country are an ‘act of revenge’ for protesting for women's rights. The regime has no desire to investigate these attacks and find child killers.

Amid growing uncertainty, social panic, and anger about what is happening, nobody in Iran trusts the officials and religious fundamentalist figures who are opposed to girls' education and proscribe the hijab.

Young Iranian girls with Ayatollah
Young Iranian girls with AyatollahErfan FArd

It stands to reason that authorities of mullah’s regime have portrayed the protests as “riots” and responded with lethal force savagely. Hundreds of unarmed protesters have been killed, among them 60 were children. The public anger at the intentional poisoning prompted fresh wave of unrest.

When Reza Shah Great started modern education in Iran, most of the Shi'ite mullahs, with a history of fundamentalism, targeted the women because of freedom of dress freedom of education, voting rights for women. The criminal mullahs continue to, rub salt into the wounds of Iranian society. Since 1979, the name of Iran, with a long-civilized history, has been dragged through the mire. The ayatollahs are the black sheep of the Iranian society, and they bring discredit on Iran.

The mullahs use terrorism as an instrument to protect their fundamentalist and radical ideology. The followers of Khomeini and destructive ideology of Khomeinism were against any freedom since 1960’s. There are no two ways about it. A couple of years ago, suffice to say that, they did serial acid attacks, vitriol attacks, in Iran. It’s the same old story and the truth will out.

Most of the domestic extremists are allies of the Islamic Caliphate of the criminal Shi'ite mullahs. There is no question that this crime will provoke a storm of protests against the regime and may tip the balance in Iranian favor. Will Iran rise like a phoenix from the ashes? Only time will tell.

Erfan Fardis a counter-terrorism analyst and Middle East Studies researcher based in Washington, DC. He is in Middle Eastern regional security affairs with a particular focus on Iran, counter terrorism, IRGC, MOIS and ethnic conflicts in MENA. He graduated in International Security Studies (London M. University, UK), and in International Relations (CSU-LA). Erfan is fluent in Persian, Kurdish, Arabic and English. / Follow him from this twitter account @EQFARD / The newly published book of Erfan Fard is: “The gruesome mullah” , which has been published in the USA.