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Reserve officers including senior commanders have joined over 1,600 reserve soldiers in signing a letter penned to IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi, condemning calls for refusal to report for duty or follow orders as an expression of opposition to the government's program for judicial reform.

"This is an extremely serious and abhorrent development on the part of these reservists," the letter states, "and one which is being promoted, against the interests of the IDF, by inflated and exaggerated media reports."

"An extremist minority is attempting to force its political positions upon others using illegitimate refusal to serve which has no place in the Israel Defense Forces," they add. "To you, the Chief of Staff, we say: We're here. We all condemn these refusals to obey orders with absolute disgust."

Concluding their letter, the officers stress that, "We will all report for reserve duty in order to protect the State of Israel against its enemies at any time with no preconditions, under any government whether from the Left or the Right."

Reserves Captain Yaniv Golan was the initiator of the letter to the IDF Chief of Staff. He told Israel National News that, "The community of reservists, just like the rest of Israeli society that has taken form over the 74 years of the country's history under the flag of the IDF and the State of Israel, is strong and steadfast.

"Various political entities are currently engaged in a despicable and illegitimate attempt to drag the IDF into the political arena and in doing so they are exploiting reservists and sullying their good name. Our letter was signed by commanders of battalions, companies, and units as well as individual reserve officers, and we wish to bolster the IDF Chief of Staff, Herzi Halevi, against the irresponsible pressures being brought to bear upon him from the media, in an attempt to create chaos.

"In the coming war, the enemy will encounter reservists from the right and the left of the political spectrum who will fight with bravery and determination, shoulder-to-shoulder, under whatever government may be in power, with no politics involved and with over one hundred percent of soldiers reporting, with a strong fighting spirit," Golan added.

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The Torat Lehima organization issued a response to the initiative, saying, "The statement made by the commanding officers is clear and determined and rips away the veil of lies and deception carefully crafted by media channels broadcasting their propaganda on behalf of a tiny political minority that does not represent even a single percent of reservists.

"Even now, when things are routine, reservists report reliably for duty, and this despicable campaign that exploits the IDF and comes at the expense of our country's security will only strengthen their determination, fighting spirit, and unity of purpose. Reservists report for duty with joy in protecting the Jewish People. The lies will pass, and the IDF will only be strengthened."