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You hear about it, you see it in the news, but it didn’t happen to you. Do you really believe it? Sometimes, you even think that possibly it happened because the victim might have encouraged it, even if you won’t admit it publicly.

Well, if you think an antisemitic attack is foreign to you, you are wrong. How do I know?

Over this past Shabbos, I was the victim of an antisemitic attack. Worse, the response from those in authority was to ignore the event.

The Attack

I am working with a lovely Black woman on an amazing project. A total stranger reached out to her for help. She and I both explained that at this point, due to various reasons, we couldn’t help him.

Rather than taking our advice and letting us reach out to him at the appropriate time, he decided to attack us in a series of emails.

In the emails, he repeated over and over again "the rich Jews", and even said, “dumb-ass Cindy who is your typical rabid Zionist see you next Tuesday.”

He even took the time to find out where I lived.

At first, I thought, just delete it. Then I remembered all of the emails and texts about if you see something then say something. After all, I watched Jewish leaders, social media influencers and politicians stand at podiums at press conferences and speak to journalists about actually fighting Jew hatred.

After Shabbos

I am luckier than most. I am friendly with elected officials, candidates, organization leaders, law enforcement officials and even members of the press.

I texted them. Some totally ignored me. The others suggested reaching out to 911.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, offered direct help or asked for details of my concern.

As an investigative journalist, I decided to do some research. I found out that this man who expressed vile hatred towards Jews has a history of harassing those who refuse to donate to his “so-called” nonprofit organization.

I found out this organization doesn’t exist. He has a history of public threats and lawsuits that seem to get dismissed.

This man is handicapped. We all have sympathy for his disabilities. But when do our sympathies end and we label him a threat to society and Jews?

Obviously, this man has emotional and mental issues that need to be addressed. As long as he is ignored and allowed to continue to share his hate and vengeance, especially in my case, proven antisemitism, he is a risk to all of us.

Haven’t we learned after the recent terror attacks that anyone, including children, women and the disabled can attack if they feel enough hate. Worse, they get attention and are rewarded for this hate.

Bail reform protecting criminals and a seemingly antisemitic justice system haven’t exactly effectively scared haters to refrain from harmful actions.

Warning Before More Destruction

I wasn’t physically hurt. However, I was warned. Long Island has an antisemitic task force started by County Executive Bruce Blakeman. Forces like this should compile information and warn the public of people like the one who attacked me that they don’t actually have the opportunity to harm me or anyone.

This man threatened multiple times to talk to people. He has the power to persuade another emotionally unstable person who is not disabled to hurt an innocent Jew.

Organizations with titles that include hate and antisemitism should combine resources and alert neighborhoods before physical violence and not afterwards.


Everyone I reached out to and responded passed the responsibility to someone else. I was told to report it to 911.

I went through this experience once. I reported laws that were broken and instead of protecting me, it was used against me.

If we are “The Chosen People” and are now chosen for alarming antisemitism, then we must choose better ways to signal the public about even the smallest hints of possible trouble.

The person who attacked me will continue unless we as a community stop him now.

Cindy Grosz is The Jewess Patriot, Radio’s Premiere Jewish Activist syndicated through Conservative Television of America, Real Talk Radio and the Black and White Network. The show streams through RokuTV, Amazon FireTV, iHeart, Spotify and Deezer and out of Israel through Jewish Podcasts. She ran as a pro-Trump congressional candidate in 2020. She is the chair of Jewish Vote GOP and a Jewish advisor for many 2022 candidates. Her lawsuit against the NYCDOE exposes scandals and corruption within public schools. She can be reached through [email protected]

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