MK Danny Danon
MK Danny DanonIsrael National News

MK Danny Danon achieved an impressive achievement on Sunday when he was elected to serve as a member of the Counter-Terrorism Committee of the International Parliamentary Organization (IPU), which met in Bahrain.

"It is a big achievement for me and for our delegation in Bahrain. This is the first conference that I'm attending, and despite the tense atmosphere and the Palestinian attacks, we managed to get an impressive majority of states and to be elected in a secret ballot to the Counter-Terrorism Committee. This shows that the world may criticize us, but it also respects our ability to stand and our fight against terrorism," said Danon in an interview with Israel National News.

According to Danon, the election was in spite of Palestinian incitement. "In the end, they understand that we face forces of evil, hate, and incitement, but the Palestinian propaganda system continues to work and spread lies against us. We know how to deal with everything in the international arena, but our true tests are at home, how many houses are built in settlements, and how many Jews immigrate to Israel."

Danon refuses to connect the condition of the Evyatar outpost and the evacuation of the illegal Arab settlement of Khan al-Ahmar. "I think the government is mistaken in its approach. We can't appease our enemies, and we have to change our approach regarding Evyatar and Khan al-Ahmar. No one appreciates our wait. Today we're waiting because of Ramadan, and tomorrow for some other reason. We need to proceed with our goals without apologizing.

The American administration always has demands and complaints. We are not obligated to work according to their schedule. We have to say that on this issue, we don't agree with them, especially in light of the wave of terror attacks that we are currently experiencing, we will continue our policy," Danon proclaims.

When asked if he believes the government should consider firing the Attorney General amid her opposition to most of the coalition's initiatives, Danon answers, "I don't know if they need to fire her. The position of the Attorney General is important, and he has to work with the government and allow it to govern. In the end, the Attorney General's job is to make the government's job, not the opposite.

If the ministers in the government see that they don't receive support and aid, the government will have to make decisions. I, in any case, don't think we need to rely on this excuse. The public wants results, not explanations," he concludes.