Scene of the Tel Aviv shooting
Scene of the Tel Aviv shootingErik Marmor/Flash90

Moshir al-Masri, one of the top Hamas officials in the Gaza Strip, says that all the plots concocted by the "Zionist enemy" and Arab countries that normalize relations with Israel will shatter on the bedrock of the struggle of the Palestinian people.

In a speech at a rally in Gaza (Friday), Al-Masri said that "the Palestinian revolution has started in the West Bank and the hands of the clock will not turn back", and that "the ones who will determine the rules for opening fire with the Zionist enemy are the resistance organizations that join hands in unity in all arenas".

Al-Masri also said that "the resistance has created an equation according to which for every action there is a deadly combative response that will hit the enemy."

"The occupation must learn a lesson from Diezengoff Street where the resistance confronted the soldiers and the settlers," Al-Masri said, emphasizing that "the decision regarding your security is not in the hands of your leadership but in the hands of the resistance."

Al-Masri noted that "every crime has a punishment, and the account will remain open between us and you." According to him, "Hell has not yet begun, killing will be answered by killing, blood by blood and bombing by bombing."

"O Zionists, your blood is free to take and killing you is an act of closeness to Allah, may God be exalted," said al-Masri, adding: "We are marching towards liberation and all your dreams, O Zionists, will explode."