PM Netanyahu, Justice Minister Levin, MK Rothman
PM Netanyahu, Justice Minister Levin, MK RothmanYonatan Sindel/Flash90

One thousand members of the Likud party, including heads of the main party branches, have published an open letter in support of the party's planned judicial reforms. The letter is the initiative of the "Unified in Likud" forum, the largest ideologically-based group within the party, as well as the Movement for Governance and Democracy.

"We, 1,000 members of the Likud party and the heads of party branches, wish to express our support for the judicial reforms and for a restoration of balance between the branches of government," the letter reads. "These amendments will strengthen democracy as well as the Israeli economy. The reforms will also strengthen the courts, not weaken them. They will restore public confidence in the judicial system and the courts, which is the basis of a judicial system that is strong, reliable, and well-functioning.

"This is an historic opportunity to restore balance that was upset to the point where it is no longer aligned with the prevailing and accepted situation in the majority of the democratic world," the letter continues. "It is an opportunity to return governance to the people. We call on all those involved in this task and ask of you: Put an end to the tyranny of the minority over the majority. Put an end to the rule of the elites and restore the rule of the people."

Last week, 120 professors, including several from each of Israel's universities, launched a petition of support for the government's judicial reforms.

"Wide-ranging reform of the judicial system is vital, due to the judicial revolution led by Prof. Aharon Barak [a former Supreme Court President] which disturbed the balance of powers between the various branches of government," the petition reads.

Among the signatories are: Israel Prize winner Professor Yisrael Aumann; Bar Ilan University Rector Prof. Amnon Albek; former Bar Ilan University Rector Prof. Yossi Yeshuron; and Prof. Amos Altshuler, a former member of the Higher Education Council.