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Purim is a Jewish festival which tells the story of the salvation of the Jewish people from an anti-Semitic tyrant by a courageous Jewish heroine.

This festival is celebrated by parents and children dressing up in fancy costumes and giving gifts to friends and relatives.

Hiding their true identity behind fake costumes is something our anti-Semitic enemies do every day for applause and recognition.

They are the contemporary Haman hiding their loathing for the Jew behind costumes of false victimhood and by wearing a cloak of moral superiority against the appallingly evil collective Jew - Israel.,

But underneath their fancy dress, tears, and appealing narrative, is a much more sinister truth.
They possess the same agenda as the Persian Haman whose soul seethed with the deviant hatred of Jews. and who plotted to kill all the Jews in his land, young and old, to take or destroy all that they possessed.

Surely, this is being played out in our days with the deceptions of the Palestinian Arabs and Iran, the contemporary Persians, selling the world a victimhood fable while plotting and paying killers to slaughter Jews in a fevered obsession to forge a world without Israel while recruiting others to tell a rancid story about Jewish illegality to justify their anti-Semitic rage.

Yes. The story of Purim is alive and killing today. The body count in Israel, this year alone, is fourteen dead Jews, despite the media painting us as the perpetrators of a violence that is killing us.

As we Jews celebrate a story from our past we see Haman today in many forms.

There is indeed, in our days, a sinister deja vu undercurrent to the joyous festival of Purim.

But do remember what happened to Haman.

Fighting antisemitism by Barry S|haw
Fighting antisemitism by Barry S|hawCourtesy

Barry Shaw is Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies, and author of 'Fighting Hamas, BDS & Anti-Semitism.'