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German law enforcement announced on Friday that they had confiscated a cache of weapons, including three grenades and a crossbow, from the resident of a far-right anti-government extremist.

The search of the suspect’s home was connected to a hate speech investigation, Fox News reported.

The prosecutor’s office said that the 55-year old Munich man was taken into police custody. He is alleged to be a follower of the Reich Citizen’s Movement, a group that is “radical and violent and do[es] not recognize Germany's democratic state,” and whose members are “not averse to violence to reinstate the Reich,” according to DW.

Followers of the group claim that the post-war German state is illegitimate and believe that the German Reich (empire) of 1871 is still valid.

The suspect was under police investigation for “endorsing crimes and disparaging the memory of the dead,” according to Fox.

The probe stemmed from a Twitter post he allegedly made in 2022 speaking in approving terms of the shooting of two police officers in Germany’s western region in January 2022 after they arrested two men on suspicion of poaching.

Prosecutors in Munich said that a Thursday search of the man’s apartment revealed an assortment of weapons, including three grenades, a crossbow, a semiautomatic pistols, several knives, clubs, and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

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