Lidar Swisa
Lidar SwisaCourtesy of the family

The central district prosecution has submitted an indictment against Yaakov Haimovich (42) from Lod after he murdered his neighbor Lidar Swisa claiming that there was always noise coming from her apartment.

The indictment, which was submitted by attorney Keren Inbar-Feibstein, states that at the beginning of February, Haimovich murdered Lidar Swisa, his neighbor, claiming that the noise she makes disturbs his rest and that she called the police after he complained to her a few days before the murder. Lidar and her husband lived on the sixth floor of the building, and Haimovich lived on the fifth in the apartment under theirs. In many instances over two years, Haimovich complained to Lidar and her husband about noise coming from their apartment and would often shut their electricity and knock on their door.

Several days prior to the murder, Haimovich knocked on Lidar's door and complained about a buzzing coming from her apartment. She explained there was no buzzing noise and attempted to close the door while Haimovich tried to push his way in. Lidar called the police, who spoke with Haimovich and explained that there was no buzzing and that he must stop disturbing his neighbors. At that point, Haimovich decided to kill Lidar and obtained a knife.

On February 8th, early in the morning, Haimovich heard that Lidar had exited her apartment and called the elevator. He took the knife, left his apartment, and called the elevator so it would stop at his floor on the way down. When the elevator stopped on the fifth floor, the suspect opened the door, cursed at Lidar, and stabbed her with the knife in the chest as she fought with him. Later, Haimovich pulled her toward the stairs as she tried to fight him. At one point, Lidar fell on her stomach, then Haimovich stabbed her in the back four times and stopped when he figured he had managed to kill her. After the murder, he returned to his apartment, washed his hands, and left the building.

In the request to extend custody until the end of the process, Attorney Inbar-Feibstein wrote: "The defendant perpetrated the murder in an especially cruel manner, nonchalantly, and after planning."