Elan Ganeles
Elan Ganelespicture used with permission of family

Elan Ganeles, the 26-year-old Jewish American citizen who was murdered in a terrorist shooting attack in a terrorist shooting attack yesterday, on Highway 90, between the Dead Sea and Jericho, will be laid to rest in the Israeli city of Ra'anana tomorrow (Wednesday), Israel Hayom reported.

The Ganeles family appealed to MK Ohad Tal (Religious Zionism party) for help in securing the right to bury Elan with other members of his family in the Ra'anana cemetery.

While Elan was an Israeli citizen and served in the IDF, he did not live in Israel and was not registered with any specific municipality for burial. His parents appealed to MK Tal to cut through the red tape to allow for Elan to be buried with the other members of his family so that they can visit his grave whenever they come to Israel.

MK Tal turned to Religious Affairs' Minister Michael Malchieli (Shas) for assistance, and the matter was resolved early Tuesday morning.

The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon at the old cemetery in Ra'anana. Elan's parents are currently on their way to Israel to attend the funeral.

"The State of Israel is the home of all the Jews of the world. Although Elan has not lived here in recent years, he still came to Israel and served in the IDF the same as any Israeli citizen," said MK Tal. "When Tova, Elan's aunt, asked me to help bring Elan for burial near his family in Ra'anana, it was important for me to mobilize all means to immediately resolve the issue."

"Out of the commitment to all Jews, the matter was dealt with overnight with the help of Religious Affairs and Interior Minister Michael MalchiEli, who understood the need and provided a quick response. Aliya and Absorption Minister Ofir Sofer and Rabbi Dov Lipman from the 'Yad L'Olim' organization also helped. It is a great privilege as public representatives to act together and bring a little consolation for those who lost their son just because he was a proud Zionist Jew," added MK Tal.

Elan Ganeles was raised in West Hartford, Connecticut, where he attended the local Young Israel synagogue and modern Orthodox schools.

In 2014, after deferring his enrollment at the University of Michigan to spend a gap year in Israel, Elan enlisted in the IDF as a lone soldier, where he rose to the rank of sergeant and worked as a computer programmer on financial monitoring systems.

Elan returned to the US in 2018 to attend Columbia University, from which he graduated in summer 2022,

He was in Israel to attend a wedding when he was murdered yesterday.