Clashes in Jenin
Clashes in JeninREUTERS/Raneen Sawafta

Representatives of the Palestinian Arab terrorist organizations in Jenin blasted the agreement of the Palestinian Authority to participate on Sunday in a security summit being held in Aqaba, Jordan, alongside the representatives of the US, Israel, Jordan and Egypt.

The Walla! Hebrew language news website reported that the main purpose of the meeting is to try and anchor the understandings reached by National Security Council head Tzachi Hanegbi and top PA official Hussein Al-Sheikh about a week ago, and which led to the cancellation of the vote in the UN Security Council on a proposed resolution against Israel’s construction in Judea and Samaria. The understandings include, among other things, a reduction of IDF activity in Palestinian Arab cities.

A joint statement read on Saturday by a spokesman for the Palestinian Arab terrorist organizations in Jenin stated, "Tomorrow, a political and security meeting of defeat will be held in the Jordanian city of Aqaba under American sponsorship and with the participation of the Palestinian Authority."

"This meeting is taking place against the background of the massacres and crimes committed by the Zionist occupation against our people and against the background of the settlement in the West Bank and the Judaization in Jerusalem. This meeting is not in line with the interest of our people, but is a free service to the criminal Zionist occupation which does not stop the aggression against our people, our country and our holy places."

The statement further stressed that "the Palestinian Authority's participation in this meeting is contrary to the national consensus opposing this meeting, and it is necessary to cancel it, since canceling the meeting is the weakest decision that the (Palestinian) Authority can take in response to the crimes of the occupation government and its terrorist army against our people."

The terrorist organizations said that they see the meeting as aiding "the occupation".

"We strongly condemn the holding of the political and security meeting whose purpose is to provide additional opportunities that encourage the occupation to persist in committing crimes, including the crimes of oppressing the women and men prisoners, imposing punishments on them and enacting unfair occupation laws against them."

"The Palestinian Authority and the official leadership of the organization fell into the American trap again, and gave a free service to the occupation, by responding to the pressures of the American administration, which only cares about the interests of the Zionist occupation," said the statement, which called on the PA to condemn the meeting and oppose participation in it.