The NYPD and other major law enforcement agencies warned that a “National Day of Hate” planned by antisemitic groups is taking place on Friday.

The hateful event was the idea of a small neo-Nazi group based in Eastern Iowa, according to Yeshiva World News. It announced the antisemitic rally in early January and since then, other white supremacist groups and far-right figures have said they will attend rallies.

The participants reportedly include white supremacist organizations from around the US, including the Active Clubs, National Socialist Movement, and the Goyim Defense League, which StopAntisemitism has documented as the group behind numerous distributions of antisemitic hate flyers across the country in the last few years.

The NYPD Intelligence & Counterterrorism Bureau (ICB) said in a memo published this week that the “Day of Hate” is cause for concern and necessitates that its officers “maintain elevated situational awareness and vigilance,” according to

The ICB said that it noticed an increase in “domestic violent extremists” (DVE) messaging each other online about the event, the memo noted.

“Based on ICB observations of extremist postings online and at least one shared propaganda video on a social media platform, the anonymous online organizers of this overtly racist, antisemitic event are instructing likeminded individuals to drop banners, place stickers and flyers, or scrawl graffiti as a form of biased so-called activism.”

While the NYPD found no calls for violence among the messages, it did find a call for participants to photograph or record actions during the hate rally in order to post them online as “a compendium of exploits from around the country,” according to the memo.

The “Day of Hate” has been promoted online by the Goyim Defense League (GDL), National Socialist Movement (NSM), Crew 319, and Clockwork Crew, Lakewood News Network reported.

The groups have called for participants to carry out propaganda demonstrations, flyer distributions, stickering campaigns, banner drops and vandalism.

“We are calling on all fighters of truth and justice to take a stand, and expose the international clique of parasitic vermin that infest our nation today,” said a message from Crew 319, according to the NYPD’s memo. “Make your voices heard loud and clear that the one tru enemy of the American people is the Jew.”

The message also referred to Jews as the “devil’s chosen few” and demanded “White Power.”

It called for followers to “shock the masses with banner drops, stickers, flyers, and graffiti” while taking “pictures and videos of your activism” that it requested be send to it.

The NYPD also released a similar memo to the Chicago Police Department, warning that a “Day of Hate” is scheduled for the same day in Chicago.

According to the Lakewood News, the NYPD learned about the event from a New York organization that monitors dark web messages from hate groups.

The FBI’s New York field office is aware of the situation.