Muscat, Oman
Muscat, OmaniStock

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today (Thursday) welcomed the authorization for Israeli planes to fly over Oman.

"The Far East is not so far away and the skies are no longer the limit. This is a day of great news for Israeli aviation. Israel has, in effect, become the main transit point between Asia and Europe," Netanyahu said.

"We have worked to open the airspace, first over Saudi Arabia, and from 2018 when I visited Oman, to add Oman as well so that we can fly directly to India and on to Australia. This was achieved today, after considerable effort, including in recent months. Here is good news – Israel is opening up to the east on an unprecedented scale."

Oman's Civil Aviation Authority announced earlier today that its airspace will be open for all carriers, including Israeli carriers and flights departing Israel.

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen thanked Omani Sultan Haitham bin Tariq al-Said for the decision, calling the move "a historic and significant decision for the Israeli economy and the Israeli traveler."

Oman does not officially recognize the State of Israel and has stated that it will not do so until a Palestinian Arab state is created. However, the two nations have had unofficial relations for years.