Music festival (illustrative)
Music festival (illustrative)iStock

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin is urging the cancellation of a neo-Nazi heavy metal festival scheduled to take place in an undisclosed location in France on February 25.

Darmanin has reportedly spoken to six prefectures in eastern France, requesting that they ban the “Night for the Blood” black metal festival set to occur in somewhere in their regions at a clandestine location known only to the hate concert’s producers, according to AFP.

The festival is a “National Socialist black metal festival” that will take place in the Vosges department of the Grand Est region in Northeastern France, also known as Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine, French site Mediapart reported.

In order to avoid being once again banned, as happened previously, the exact location of the event is being kept under wraps. Participants and attendees will only be told the location several hours before the start of the concerts.

But sources told Mediapart that the antisemitic festival will happen around 12 miles from the Épinal prefecture, located two hours from Strasbourg.

A poster featuring gothic-themed art that was posted online lists four neo-Nazi “black metal bands” scheduled to perform, according to the report. The location is only give as in the “east of France.”

Those interested in attending were instructed by the poster to send an email so that a few hours before the festival they would receive instructions about its location. The poster also said that the cost of the event was 20 euros to be paid online.

Darmanin is reported to have ordered the six prefectures to use the “necessary means” to ensure the festival does not take place.

Épinal Mayor Patrick Nardin told AFP that they were investigating all room rentals. “We briefed the municipal police. We are on our guard,” he said.