Swiss Parliament in Bern
Swiss Parliament in BerniStock

Police in Switzerland’s capital of Bern on Tuesday evacuated Parliament and related offices after a man in a bulletproof vest was arrested near one of its entrances and found to be bearing explosives, The Associated Press reported.

Bern police said in a statement that in the early afternoon, “federal security staffers noticed a man at the southern entrance of the Parliament building whose appearance — he was wearing a bulletproof vest and weapon holster — and behavior were suspicious.”

“During a body check that followed, a rapid test turned up explosives,” the statement said.

The suspect, who was not identified, was undergoing physical and mental exams, it added. Federal prosecutors and police opened a criminal investigation.

There was no immediate indication about a possible motive. While Switzerland has not been targeted by terrorism as other countries in Europe have been in recent years, the country in 2017 arrested suspected radicals who plotted attacks in France.

Last June, Switzerland arrested three people in the cantons of Zurich, Sankt Gallen and Lucerne and were accused of "participation in or support for the outlawed organization Islamic State". They were arrested in a joint operation with Germany.