MK Boaz Bismuth (Likud) spoke to Israel National News from the Knesset on Monday, and sought to remind those who are impressed by the demonstration of the opponents to the judicial reform, of the democratic demonstration that is taking place inside the Knesset.

"We are coming to fulfill the will of our voters," he said. "There were elections here two months ago and people expect us to do things and fix things and implement this essential reform."

Bismuth pointed out that, until recently, it was his party that was in the opposition and "I don't remember that anyone took us into consideration. I don't remember that before the gas agreements with Lebanon they approached us and called us to join, when there were the Oslo agreements, that we really, really didn't want, they didn't come, and the President didn't speak up, and the same thing happened during the Disengagement which we didn't want so, with all due respect, the judicial reform is the mildest thing of all of these and it comes to improve Israeli democracy and the balance between the authorities and, above all, the lives of all Israeli citizens."

As for the President's initiative, Bismuth said that he appreciates the President and his proposal. "The President points out that there is a problem and reform is essential. Moreover, when you see the President's five points, you see that there is a basis for dialogue, but there is no desire for dialogue on the side. In their eyes, whenever anyone talks about reform, it is considered to be an apocalypse, the end of democracy and the end of the country, leading to civil unrest and blood in the streets. If someone [from our side] had spoken the way the Mayor of Tel Aviv spoke, he would have been kicked out of the country. Had any of us have dared to climb on tables or encouraged a violent act, what would they have said?"

"There is one side here that wants to legislate and improve and another side that has not yet accepted the fact that it lost the elections. And it has another problem. I looked at the opposition in the Constitution Committee and saw that it is not homogeneous. There is the National Unity Party and there are guys like Yair Lapid, [Ofer] Cassif and the gang that was using bullying tactics," said Bismuth.

On the possibility that there will be a different and more effective response to terrorism under the current government, Bismuth recounted his visit to the home of the Paley family in Ramot, where he heard from the 16-year-old brother about the manner in which he behaved at the time of the attack, in which his two brothers were murdered and his father injured.

"A mother lost her two sons and her husband is fighting for his life and she is the one who strengthens me. It tore my heart. You see her faith and love, not only for her family but also for the country, and then you see those from the opposition who dare to insult the haredi public, which is dear to me, who are part of us. The terrorist killed three haredim. We are all one people and that is the people who are passing the reforms, the people who are protesting now and those two cute children who unfortunately are no longer with us and those holy residents of Judea and Samaria, who are going to settle the land, and we are committed to flourishing the young settlement. The nine communities that were approved yesterday are just the beginning. We have a homogeneous coalition of a right-wing government, and if not now - when?"