Thousands are demonstrating this evening (Saturday) near the government complex in Tel Aviv against the government and the planned judicial reform.

As it did two weeks ago following the terrorist attack in Neve Yaakov, Jerusalem, the demonstration opened with a moment of silence to mark Friday's ramming attack in Jerusalem.

Following the speeches, the protesters walked to the Ayalon Highway and blocked the road.

Former minister Tzipi Livini stated: "Last week, the state continued to hurtle towards and vote on the destruction of Israeli democracy. Our fight must become stronger since there is nothing more correct."

Additional demonstrations are taking place in locations across the country. In Kfar Saba, approximately 20 thousand demonstrators turned out for a rally in the city's central square.

MK Gideon Sa'ar spoke a the event, stating: "The pride of our democratic regime is that one of its establishments is a strong judicial system. They are attacking this historic accomplishment.

In front of our very eyes, they are attacking the court; the corrupt are attacking the attorney general. I call on Prime Minister Netanyahu: You are passing a 'do not enter' sign. Unhand the democratic regime."