Scene of the ramming attack in Jerusalem
Scene of the ramming attack in JerusalemIsrael National News

Channel 12 News reports that police are investigating the possibility that an armed bystander, attempting to neutralize the terrorist responsible for the deadly ramming attack in Jerusalem this afternoon, may have accidentally shot one of the victims evacuated from the scene to hospital care.

Videos from the scene show multiple armed civilians training handguns on the driver. Several gunshots can be heard.

At least one police officer was also reported to have been involved in the shooting.

MK Almog Cohen specifically praised the quick reactions of armed civilians as having prevented additional casualties, and called for the various authorities to give their full support to the civilians involved. Multiple police officials, including the Chief Rabbi of the Israel Police, have issued calls for legal gun owners to keep their firearms by their sides at all times.

One eyewitness criticized the reaction of armed civilians insisting that they were afraid to shoot the terrorist and had been too slow to take action after the ramming occurred.

A later police statement clarified that as of yet, no one save the terrorist has been found to be wounded by bullets.