"Undercover" missionaries
"Undercover" missionariesiStock

The Beyneynu anti-missionary organization has sent an urgent appeal to the Israeli Interior Ministry regarding a family of Christian missionaries attempting to infiltrate the haredi community in Jerusalem.

The Dawson family, now styling themselves as the Isaacsons and dressing in traditional haredi garb, were outed 16 months ago in Phoenix, Arizona. Before then, they attempted to infiltrate Jewish communities in Texas, Oregon, and Wisconsin, moving on each time their true identity was exposed.

According to the haredi news site Behadrey Haredim, the family is now in Jerusalem after obtaining three-month tourist visas, and has settled in the neighborhood of Nachlaot, near the Mahane Yehuda open-air market. Nachlaot is an eclectic neighborhood where haredi Jews live alongside religious "hippies," traditional Jews, and secular Jews, and has in the past been thrown into turmoil after several immigrants from the United States were accused of settling there and conducting missionary activity.

Apparently, the "Isaacson" family are now trying to obtain Israeli citizenship in order to ease their acceptance into haredi society and marry their children into regular haredi families.

In her letter to the Interior Ministry, Shannon Nuszen, founder and director of Beyneynu, wrote: “We believe that they will ask to immigrate to Israel immediately or at the very least obtain student visas for their children through the Ministry of the Interior.

“It’s urgent that the Ministry of the Interior act immediately to block these people from receiving any visa that would allow them to continue the damage they are causing to Jewish communities with their insidious agenda … We know from first-hand reports from Jewish communities and rabbis in the U.S. that the Dawson/Isaacson family is deceptive, dangerous and very determined to establish themselves in Israel.”