Yitro, father-in-law of Moses, was once an advisor to Pharaoh, and went on to become the world’s foremost expert on idolatrous beliefs and false gods. But then he found the One G-d of Israel, and became a devoted follower of Torah.

This week’s Torah portion, in which the glorious Sinai Revelation and the Giving of the Torah takes place, is named after this courageous iconoclast. In this week’s Jerusalem Lights podcast, Jim Long and Rabbi Chaim Richman talk about G-d’s bequeathing the Torah to humanity and His covenant with Israel. But what is the true meaning of being ‘religious?’

Our hosts warmly call out to all those who continue the spiritual revolution that Yitro began: the non-Jewish lovers of Hashem, Torah and Israel who bravely choose to follow Torah, rejecting the false teachings of their upbringing, sometimes at the great personal cost of alienation, isolation, and ostracization.