Manhattan, New York
Manhattan, New YorkISTOCK

A Chabad “Mitzvah Tank” parked in New York City was vandalized with pro-Palestinian graffiti.

The incident was the second time in recent months that the Mitzvah Tank has been vandalized with similar graffiti.

“We are nauseated to see the 'Mitzvah Tank' in NYC has been vandalized with Palestinian graffiti for the second time now,” the StopAntisemitism advocacy organization wrote on Twitter. “The Mitzvah tank was started by Rabbi Pevzner and his wife Mushka to assist Jews with teffilfin, overall Torah studies, and to help do good deeds.”

Mitzvah Tank NYC’s Rabbi Yehuda Pevzner tweeted that the incident occurred in Manhattan.

“Our Mitzvah Tank was once again hatefully vandalized. Same location (Manhattan's busiest traffic corridor),” he said. “NYPD detectives are investigating and we hope that this case is taken very seriously.”

“Our response to this hate will be to add in more goodness and kindness, preparing the world for Moshiach,” he told Anash.

In November 2022, a Mitzvah Tank in New York City was vandalized with pro-Palestinian graffiti.

A statement from Rabbi Pevzner explained that their “state-of-the-art Mitzvah Tank was defaced and graffitied in a hateful attack [while] parked in the heart of SoHo, on Broadway.”

He added that Mitzvah Tank NYC “proudly serves the communities of lower Manhattan, offering Jewish people the opportunity to perform mitzvoth," and that they also conduct “volunteer work with those less fortunate, including the larges homeless population whose we have come to befriend over the years.”