3 Best Places to Buy Facebook Views (Real & Fast Delivery)

It’s no secret that buying Facebook video views can be a great way to gain an edge on the world’s most influential social network. Social signals, in general, can be pure gold when looking to engage and influence any target audience. But where can you find the best places to buy Facebook views that are as good as the real thing?

At the end of 2022, there were more than 2.96 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide. Of these, 1.96 billion were accessing their accounts every single day. Facebook remains the world’s biggest and most popular social networking site by a clear mile and is predicted to continue growing indefinitely.

If your goal is to build a credible and viable presence on Facebook, you need all the help you can get. As is the case on all social media platforms, social proof holds the key to standing out from the crowd on Facebook.

Purchasing a high-quality views package can be a quick, easy, and affordable way to breathe life into your Facebook videos. But if planning to buy FB views of any kind, you first need to track down a seller you can count on to get the job done right.

Best Places to Buy Facebook Views

To come up with the shortlist below, we evaluated more than a dozen providers who specialize in video views on Facebook.

Having come through in all key performance areas (authenticity, safety, value for money, customer feedback, etc.), each of the following Facebook growth specialists comes highly recommended:

1. Media Mister

First up, Media Mister continues to top the table as the best place to buy Facebook views from real people.

No tricks, bots, or automation are involved – they simply pay real Facebook viewers to watch your video content in the normal way. Irrespective of whether you buy 100 or 1 million Facebook views, they guarantee the same manual and 100% organic approach.

You can pick up several different types of views at Media Mister, which include standard Video Views, Monetizable Views, Story Views, Live Views, and more. Package prices are as cheap as it gets – 500 Video views will set you back just $9, 2,500 can be picked up for $40, while 25,000 real views can be ordered for as little as $380. All orders are covered by a money-back guarantee, and there’s an initial retention warranty of eight weeks for added peace of mind.

Other promotional products on offer at Media Mister include high-quality Facebook Page, Followers, Likes, Comments, Shares, Poll Votes, Friend Requests, Event Attendees, and many more besides. Topped off with excellent customer support and a solid track record spanning more than a decade, Media Mister continues to lead the pack for a good reason.

2. GetAFollower

It’s an equally impressive story over at GetAFollower – a great place to buy Facebook video views spanning a broad range of categories from less than five bucks. GetAFollower brings huge flexibility into the mix with many of its offerings – particularly with Live Stream Views and Monetizable views.

You can specify your preferred watch time (anything from 1 to 30-minute video views), there are one-off and automatic views packages up for grabs, and a long list of geo-target regions to choose from. Long story short – GetAFollower is all about making it cheap and easy to engage and influence specific Facebook audiences with pinpoint precision.

The fact that they do all of this so cheaply is a real bonus. Package prices include 5,000 monetizable views for just over $60, 100 geo-targeted Story views for just $4, or a package of 1,000 standard video views for a mere $17.

For this, you get not only the promise of 100% authentic social signals from real people but also fast delivery and a reliable refill guarantee.

3. Buy Real Media

Last in line comes Buy Real Media, which has spent the past few years building a solid reputation. Buy Real Media keeps things simple and focuses on what matters most, with no unnecessary garnish and no BS. They’ve put together a fantastic user interface, the purchase process couldn’t be easier, and they’ve one of the broadest ranges of promotional products for Facebook on the web.

You can buy real Facebook views for any purpose at Buy Real Media - Normal Video Views, Reel Views, Live Video Views, and many more besides. Their prices are bordering on the ridiculous (in a good way) – 25 Story views will cost you just $2, 250 will set you back $8, or you can step things up to 500 for as little as $15.

Covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, this is just about as close to giving social signals away as it gets.

The Buy Real Media's customer support team is also a credit to the brand, offering genuinely friendly and helpful advice on the products they sell. If you’re still unsure as to how the whole thing works, hit up the guys at Buy Real Media via their on-site live chat, and they’ll give you the full lowdown.

Why Buy Facebook Views?

Social signals play a role of high importance at the core of all successful social media marketing strategies. The numbers are everything on platforms like Facebook, where popularity is self-perpetuating.

Your view count can be particularly influential and can pave the way for a higher-profile presence on Facebook. Just a few of the potential benefits of buying views for your Facebook content are as follows:

Gain Visibility

Facebook’s promotional algorithm is influenced heavily by social signals. Videos with more views always appear more prominently than the videos nobody is looking at. When you buy Facebook views, you show the Facebook algorithm that your content is worth taking seriously. And in doing so, gain priceless visibility, as a result.

More Leads and Conversions

If you use Facebook to sell products or services (directly or indirectly), social proof can help you generate more leads and close more sales. Social signals across the board help build trust on platforms like Facebook, as they are indicative of a business that means business. The more views your content collects, the more influential and persuasive your message becomes.

Boost Organic Engagement

It’s not enough for people to simply ‘see’ your content on Facebook in a passive capacity. For things to work in your favor, they need to engage with your output and your profile (or business page). Research has shown how posts with tonnes of views naturally generate more organic engagement. From comments to shares to reactions to DMs, you’ll see a major engagement boost with a higher view count.

Build Authority

On platforms like Facebook, authority is all about the numbers. The more views your posts collect, the more legit you look and the more influential you become. You could therefore say that to buy views is to make a direct investment in your authority and influence. Two things could help you achieve your goals on Facebook much faster, whatever they happen to be.

More Organic Followers

Last, buying social signals across the board can be great for motivating more organic followers to join your page. Credible creators who put out popular content are always more appealing than their low-key counterparts. If you want to get as many organic followers as possible for your personal profile or business page, buying views could be a good place to start.

How to Buy Facebook Views?

Whether you plan to place an order for a handful of views or buy your way to your first million, you need to find the right provider for the job.

Above all else, the following quality and performance checks should be prioritized before buying Facebook views of any kind:

Drip Feed Delivery

The views you buy need to be added to your content at a rate that looks 100% organic. The entire process needs to look natural from start to finish in order to avoid being flagged for spam. If the views you order are added to your videos too fast, you could be headed for trouble.

Affordable Pricing

Taking the time to compare the prices quoted by a bunch of competing sellers before ordering is always a good idea. This is to ensure the price you pay is fair, in accordance with the quality of the services on offer. Just don’t expect free handouts if it’s real social signals you’re looking to buy.

Secure Payment Gateway

Whichever payment method you use to place your order, you should be guaranteed the highest level of safety and security at all times. This includes a secure payment gateway with SSL encryption and a full digital receipt of your order to be kept for your own records.

No Personal Information

Be wary of any social media growth company that requests your passwords or log in credentials. Under no circumstances is it a good idea to disclose sensitive private information like this, which is not needed for the delivery of social proof. If you’re asked for your password, you’re probably looking at a scam.

Authenticity Guaranteed

Last, the importance of authenticity when shopping for social signals cannot be overemphasized. Each and every view you buy needs to be identical to the real thing – an organic view from an active Facebook user, delivered in the normal way. Remember that even a single spam social signal could lead to the suspension or closure of your account.

5 Tips to Get More Facebook Views

Buying Facebook views can be great as a starting point, but you still need to work on getting as many organic views for your content as possible.

By far, the most effective ways to stack up a more impressive view count on a consistent basis are as follows:

Create Good Content

Ultimately, it is the quality of the content you put out that will determine the outcome. You cannot expect to get by on Facebook without content that is original, authentic, and of genuine value to your target audience.

Post Consistently

Publishing consistent posts means two things. One of which is the importance of ensuring every post you put out is of consistently high quality. Secondly, you need to put a steady stream of content on an ongoing basis in order to keep your target audience hooked.

Create Catchy Titles

It is the titles you use to pitch your videos that will determine whether anyone sticks around to check them out. Your titles, therefore, need to be as catchy and engaging as possible, providing an intriguing insight into the content in question – without crossing the line into clickbait.

Cross-Promote Your Content

If you have any other social media accounts (and you are permitted to do so), cross-promote your content each time you publish something new. Post links to your Facebook page and videos, invite your other social audiences to check you out and show them what they’re missing out on.

Interact and Engage

Last up, nobody likes a creator that sits silently on the side-lines. The ‘social’ aspect of social media is a two-way street, and engagement is reciprocal. If you want people to view your content, watch their videos, leave comments, like their posts, share them, and engage with them as often as possible.


Do I Need to Share My Password?

No – it is not necessary to share your Facebook password or login credentials to buy views. You simply need to provide your Facebook video link (or post URL) to point the provider in the right direction.

Do These Facebook Views Come from Real Accounts?

In the case of the three sellers outlined above, yes – all views are sourced from real people with active and authentic accounts. Under no circumstances is it advisable to buy fake social signals from spam accounts (bots), as your account could be suspended or closed.

Is Buying Facebook Views Legal?

Yes – there is nothing illegal about paying active and authentic Facebook users to view your content in the normal way. Facebook simply prohibits the use of fake accounts to generate spam social signals, which should be avoided at all costs.

Is it Safe to Buy Facebook Views from These Sellers?

It is safe to buy Facebook views from any seller that guarantees nothing but 100% authentic products from real people. Each of the sellers above delivers views exclusively from active Facebook users in the normal way and even covers all sales with a money-back guarantee.

Final Thoughts:

Producing a shortlist of the best places to buy Facebook views for your videos is as simple as focusing on five simple performance factors – authenticity, safety, discretion, affordability, and overall quality. Each of the three sellers in our rankings comfortably outperformed the competition in all five instances.

Once again, it’s important to remember that while buying Facebook views can be great for an initial boost, it is far from a one-stop miracle solution in its own right. You still need to invest heavily in the quality of the content to put out if you’re to gain an edge over 2.96 billion other Facebook users worldwide.