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Truth is, I shouldn’t be writing anything about Ilhan Omar, because I lack journalistic distance and detachment on this topic.

The problem is…I can’t stand this squirrel who wormed her way in from Somalia and who now personifies everything that is wrong with America…and whose remarks against Jews and Israel affect us all in the most negative and harmful ways. As a member of Congress, her hateful comments travel far and wide and are taken seriously, often by the wrong people.

Which means that I can’t be fair, nor objective, nor reasonable to this person who by herself stinks up the Congress, certainly the House, and the entire country.

But I’m going ahead anyway…just a few words…because I can’t help myself.

Right now, as I’m writing this, two Furies from her Squad, they too members of Congress, AOC and Rashida Tlaib, are in the midst of scolding Republicans for what they did to poor Omar… in a burning sweat they are pointing fingers at, you know, white supremacy, racism, and, of course, islamophobia.

Islamophobia is always reliable. Racism, for sure.

Omar has claims to all that in one teeny, creepy bundle.

These Sirens are in a full-blown rage and they want all of America to know how they feel, how their sister was wronged, and how they are always the victims.

No one fiddles that tune of victimhood better than Ilhan Omar.

Life is so unfair when Girls Just Wanna have Fun with your country.

All that bluster because the GOP House, led by Kevin McCarthy, dumped Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee, upon the justified thinking that she can’t be trusted with sensitive information, although she is still eligible to squirm her way into other committees. (Next to go, the quicker the better, Swalwell and Schiff.)

You wonder how something like this got into the House? I wonder how something like this got into the country from Black Hawk Down Mogadishu.

Something is terribly wrong with our immigration system, and I am not talking, in this instance, about Biden’s open border from Mexico.

I’m talking about people allowed in, legally, or dubiously so, despite bringing with them bags of anti-Americanism and antisemitism.

Omar, a member of BDS, takes the prize for all this.

She is not at all happy with the country that gave her a home, but she is happy enough to talk smack on the Jews.

For instance, “Israel has hypnotized the world” and the relationship between the United States and Israel “is all about the Benjamins, baby.” There is more like this.

That was before. Now she is claiming that she meant no harm, and if it came out that way, it’s not her fault, it’s your fault.

I am so misunderstood, she now goes weeping, on a sympathy tour, Network to Network. She needs a hug. They are happy to oblige.

I had no idea, she laments, that such language was hurtful to Jews…pity not them. Pity me…and if you don’t, you are a racist islamophobe.

The vote in the House ran 218 Republicans against her; 211 Democrats unanimously and frantically voting their love and support for her.

Her comments, the Dems say, were from long ago, far away. She has apologized, they say, and that is good enough.

Try it this way. An imaginary member of Congress, it has been discovered, once commented, tweeted or otherwise, that “blacks have hypnotized America.”

If this person apologized a million times, what would be his or her chances of being forgiven?


Ilhan Omar has all the luck. Because she has all the Democrats, including Chuck Schumer, the Jewish senator from New York.

Postscript, by way of comparison, read this from Phil Mushnick at the New York Post.

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